There may be some that know me from my other Blog, The Film Grump (click here). That Blog is devoted solely to film in all forms. This Blog, will only be for my love of horror.

To give some background, my love of horror began way back in the seventies, when the babysitter I had used to let me and my brother stay up late, when, at the time the BBC often had late night horror double bills on a Friday or Saturday night.

As a result, I was often terrified but couldn’t stop watching. But the one that made the biggest impact, was the Hammer Horror, Dracula (1958).

Still my favourite horror film

If I’m honest, I doubt Dracula, like most Hammer films may not be considered scary by today’s standards but I will always love Hammer films, especially the earlier ones and certainly those with my favourite actor, Peter Cushing or with Christopher Lee

There’s a reason Cushing is my favourite actor. In every film I’ve ever seen with him in it, you can tell he’s fully committed to the work, even those that may have been considered beneath him and at no point did he ever look down on the genre.

Over the years since, while my love of Hammer has never diminished my horror taste has evolved. There has been a love of slashers, monster films, serial killers, ghosts, zombies and everything else in between.

But this Blog isn’t just going to be about film. I love horror fiction, with novels like The Haunting Of Hill House by Shirley Jackson, Hell House by Richard Matheson, Ghost Story by Peter Straub, Dark Matter by Michelle Paver and Susan Hill’s The Woman In Black being among my favourites, with Matheson’s classic I Am Legend being my all time favourite work.



TV too has brought us some great horror. From Nigel Kneale’s terrific Quatermass stories and also his stunning take on the ghost story, The Stone Tape and also a terrific TV adaptation of The Woman In Black, to a controversial BBC production, Ghostwatch that caused numerous complaints, TV has often served horror very well.

As this Blog progresses, I hope to convey my love of horror to people in an enjoyable manner. I’m launching it in October, the horror fan’s favourite month. I feel horror has been on a pretty good run at the moment.

Long may it (bloodily!) reign!


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